Bell Hooks – Feminism is For Everybody – Series

I will be reading “Feminism is For Everybody” by Bell Hooks as the first major undertaking in my effort to be a better ally to the women in my life.

You can read more about why I’ve decided to start this project here. But the short story is that I need to have a better background in feminism in order to be a better ally, and to help me share what I’ve learned with others who are not already being engaged.

Enter the maze with me. (Source: fotologic)

Enter the maze with me. (Source: fotologic)

This post will serve as your quick guide to all the posts that are part of this project. In between readings I will share things I find on other feminist blogs that I find interesting, important, or worth checking out. This post will help you get straight to the posts that are specifically about my reading of Bell Hooks.

I hope you enjoy learning about feminism with me!

0. Introduction – Come Closer to Feminism

1. Feminist Politics: Where We Stand

2. Consciousness-Raising

3. Sisterhood Is Still Powerful

4. Feminist Education For Critical Consciousness

5. Our Bodies, Ourselves: Reproductive Rights


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